What is Wedding Videography?

Wedding videography is about capturing all the beautiful moments at your wedding so you can view it and enjoy it when your special day is over. Videography itself has traveled a long way from the time when the moving pictures camera recorders were invented, where only 4-minute video could be made at a time. However, since the camcorder was launched in the 1980s, they have made their own mark in the world.

Wedding videography has therefore also developed over time from being criticized for being a hard task in itself, i.e. renting of heavy lights for perfect shots. However, now it is widely accepted and has become a norm of almost every culture and society to capture their wedding affair in a form of a video.

Wedding Video Styles

Wedding videos now contain music, photo montages etc., which gives a more heartfelt touch for the bride and groom to enjoy and cherish. A professional videographer making wedding video has become an essential part of the wedding tradition for years now.

There are a few styles adopted when making a wedding video such as:

Documentary style

This style is basically capturing the video as if it was a documentary and the editing style will result in an extremely polished documentation of the day.

Cinematic style

It is a type of video that is inspired by the film making and tends to give a “wow” effect on the videos produced. It also tends to be more of a storytelling than a documentary. This is a cinematic style wedding video production, showcased by this Manchester based wedding videographer Julian Voigt.

Traditional style

Traditional style wedding videos do not contain a lot of editing. These videos are typically 2-3 hours long. Such video type covers all the moments of the events which include, before wedding sessions, during the wedding events, after the wedding photoshoots, the toasts and everything that happens in between. Traditional style video is always in a chronological order. However many different styles have emerged in the modern times; hence, the possibilities with traditional style wedding videos are now endless.

Short form wedding

This a unique style employed by the videographers as these types of videos contain all the material of a traditional video style wedding video. However, these videos are minimum 15 and maximum 60 mins long. They also are in not a chronological order like the traditional style videos and may be edited. They also have voiceovers or commentary either by the videographer themselves of by making use of the speeches and the comments made by the relatives during the wedding.


This style contains audio voice-over by the bride and the groom. It plays in a sequence as the wedding video continues it gives the videos a very sweet and dramatic effect.

All in all, there are many styles of video making that a couple can choose from. It all comes down to their individual choice when it comes to finalizing the wedding videography style.