Great Unconventional Places for Wedding Photo shoot in Manchester

With the passage of time, many wedding photography cultures have collapsed and later evolved into new unique ways, ideas and concepts that people loved to adapt on their big day. It would not be a lie if I say that one of the key decisions to make during the wedding prep is selecting exotic locations for a perfect wedding photo shoot. Not only this, couples also devise ways to make their pictures look one of a kind. This includes few amazing filters like vintage, retro and pastel colours that add further finishing to their memorable pictures.

The Fact is, the days of posed traditional photoshoots are long gone. Now more and more couples are experimenting with their poses, backgrounds, and locations.

This article will guide you about some of best locations you should look for in Manchester, UK.

But first, let us figure out what kind of location would suit you best!

Think Outside the Box

The main idea behind choosing a great wedding location is that the more beautiful, attractive and splendid it is the more you would thrive to tell your wedding story.

But what exactly do you want?

  • Movie inspired themes

  • Elegant gardens

  • Urban Background

  • Lakes and Water falls

  • Rivers and Streams

Once that is decided, you can proceed further to look for good photographers so that together you guys can finalise locations.

Let’s us now get to the real part of this article, where we take you to some of the best locations in Manchester that will make your wedding day an interesting affair to remember for years to come!

Manchester Central Library

This place serves as the perfect real-life version of an elite spot that you have imagined for your vintage themed wedding.

It would be quite an exclusive occurrence to start a new phase of your life among thousands of words and that too, in one of the most iconic building of Manchester, UK.

Spinning Fields

The lively atmosphere of this place will provide a suitable combination of both new and old eras.

It is surrounded by the modern state of the art buildings as well as ancient architecture. If you can’t make up your mind about which era you would want as your background, you can decide this one as your final resort.

Fletcher Moss Park and Botanical Gardens

For couples who love a natural background, this place is just the right choice for an amazing photo shoot on your big day.

Who wouldn’t love the running waterfalls and a create picture while walking among beautiful trees and running waterfalls.

Salford Quays

It is considered as one of the preferred locations to capture the exotic and luxurious city life with an enthralling urban background.

So, you might as well add it in your list if you find yourself admiring a conventional city atmosphere.

Final Thoughts

No doubt, everyone has a distinctive style and theme they would like to follow. Not everybody aspires to stand under the roof rather some people love to be clicked during evening time. On the other hand, some love to walk on spacious grounds while some would prefer to be in front of magnificent architectures. Along with that, most love the vintage feel so they look for places that give an ancient vibe. The good news is that Manchester city is a place that bespoke for its candid locations and some of them will be just what you need to score on your big day.

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